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KEYNOTE ASSETS LTD was established in 2017 in Cyprus by Dr. Noam and Alice Shani, former senior executives in the fields of biotechnology and marketing. The company owns profitable properties in the Paphos area, including rental apartments and vacation villas for tourists. In 2021, the couple established a private European real estate fund that has acquired numerous rental properties in Paphos.

Due to the growing interest in real estate investments in Cyprus, KEYNOTE ASSETS offers guidance and consultation for Israeli investors interested in purchasing properties in the Paphos region, Cyprus.

Together since 1980, we have three children and four amazing grandchildren. In 2017, we decided to embark on a new chapter in our lives and moved to the Paphos area. We registered a Cypriot company and acquired several luxury apartments and villas, which we rent out for both long and short terms to tourists from around the world. Given the high demand, we chose to offer a service that assists investors in acquiring profitable real estate properties in Cyprus.

The company brings years of experience in the real estate market of Paphos, including extensive personal experience in purchasing a wide range of properties in all Paphos regions. We work with various suppliers, handling end-to-end apartment renovations with local contractors, navigating the Cypriot bureaucracy, coordinating with lawyers and accountants, local architects, and designers, as well as property management and cleaning companies.

We offer to guide you through in a process similar to the one we went through ourselves, with a personalized eye, searching, finding and purchasing a profitable real estate property in the Paphos area that will be registered in your name in the Cypriot land registry.

Please note that in Cyprus, only the property seller pays the brokerage fee.

Dr. Noam Shani

Originally, I am a scientist specializing in molecular genetics. I completed my doctorate at the Weizmann Institute and my post-doctorate in the United States. Upon returning to Israel, I worked as a research and development manager in biotechnology companies. In 2007, I founded Kahr Medical, a company developing cancer drugs, and led it for ten years.

Alice Shani

In addition to raising three wonderful children, most of my career has been in marketing and sales. In the last ten years, I served as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Wetnaps.

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