Special Projects

There is also a third option – investment in unique projects. These real estate projects differ from one another and offer unique advantages. As an example of a type of unique project, a purchasing group may join forces to significantly reduce the purchase price.

Another example is participating as an investor in a large real estate project, such as the construction or renovation of a large apartment building or another significant structure. Like any investment, there are various advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Advantages of Special Projects:

Potential for Notably High Returns

Projects of this type generally offer a higher return on investment.


Projects of this unique type provide investors with access to exclusive opportunities that typically would not be available through conventional channels.

Diversification of Investments

Such projects allow for diversification of your investment portfolio, thereby reducing investment risks.

Disadvantages of Special Projects:

Longer Investment Horizon

The investment horizon in these type of projects are relatively longer compared to basic investments and may require more time until significant returns are realized.

No Parcellation

Certain unique projects are structured in a way that does not lead to specific assets allocated to each investor (for example, an apartment for each investor), but rather as a stakeholder in the entire project. This reduces the level of individual flexibility.

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