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Houses for sale in Cyprus

דירות לקנייה ורכישה בקפריסין

Mountain house or seafront villa – properties for sale in Cyprus

Real estate investment, when done thoughtfully and strategically, is one of the stable and lucrative economic investments in the market. Real estate investment is considered an attractive and desirable financial investment by many.

Given the current real estate situation all around the western world, which has made the dream of buying land or a house nearly economically impossible for many years now, Cyprus stands out as an attractive destination for foreigners who are not willing to give up the opportunity to be the happy owners of a private house or a luxurious villa.

Thanks to a stable economy, active tourism throughout most of the year, beautiful landscapes, and a thriving real estate market, one today can find an abundance of houses for sale in Cyprus at prices comparable to apartments in peripheral cities in many countries around the world. Indeed, it can be said that a villa for sale in Cyprus is an achievable dream.

To provide a geographical and cultural background from a real estate perspective for those interested in purchasing on the island, here is information on the subject presented by the founders of “Keynote Assets,” a company specializing in real estate investments in Paphos, Cyprus, focusing on Greek-speaking part of Cyprus.

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  • Greek-speaking Cyprus covers about two-thirds of the southern part of the island, and nearly 80% of the country’s population are Greeks. The northern third of the island is under Turkish control.
  • Cities like Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and the southern part of Nicosia belong to the Greek-speaking part of Cyprus and house approximately 36% of the island’s population as of the end of 2023.
  • Greek-speaking Cyprus boasts diverse natural landscapes, from its high mountain ranges to its golden beaches, providing a captivating backdrop for various real estate developments.
    Whether it’s a villa overlooking a vibrant beach town, a traditional stone house in a mountain village surrounded by greenery, or a modern urban penthouse, each property offers unique features to cater to personal preferences.
  • Diverse architectural heritage: The island’s rich history is reflected in its architecture and culture, offering a variety of real estate options. The multicultural atmosphere and Cypriot hospitality traditions add a unique charm, both for permanent residents and vacationers on the island.
    In addition, the southern part of the island enjoys convenient transportation infrastructure, developed commercial and shopping centers, and a thriving service industry. One can definitely agree that Greek-speaking Cyprus offers a lifestyle that combines the charm of the old world with the best modern conveniences.
  • Greek-speaking Cyprus is currently an attractive destination for real estate investments, both for those looking to live there and those seeking a property for investment, which can be easily rented out, providing a good return on both rental and resale in the future.
    Factors such as a booming tourism industry, stable economic growth, and tax incentives make it a financially sound choice.

To sum up, it is enough to imagine the last vacation in Cyprus, with all its pleasures, to understand its magnetic allure.

Considering all the real estate benefits that arise from this, it is clear: a construction boom, a lively rental market, and a variety of properties of different types and sizes changing hands.

However, when considering buying a villa in Cyprus, there are still steps to take to ensure a good, secure, and tailored deal. It is recommended to consult with a local and professional real estate advisor with extensive knowledge and experience in the local market. This is exactly what “Keynote Assets” is here for.

If you have decided to embark on this journey and are interested in finding the ideal property for you in Cyprus, you can benefit from our experience as a couple of Israelis who have established a Cypriot real estate agency and have already purchased numerous properties of all types.

We specialize in connecting Israeli buyers with local sellers, providing close support and comprehensive assistance in all aspects related to the transaction.

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