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מחירי דירות בפאפוס

Apartments for Sale in Paphos – A Real Estate Investment Worth Considering

The real estate market in Paphos is dynamic, diverse, and offers numerous options for buyers interested in investing in properties for investment or residence.

Currently, about 65.5% of Cyprus residents live in urban areas, with Paphos being the fifth-largest city in the country. In addition to its permanent residents, the city attracts a significant number of tourists throughout the year due to its attractive location on the southwest coast of the island and the harmonious blend of vibrant city life, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking landscapes.

In recent years, the real estate market on the island has experienced rapid development and significant interest from foreign investors. Property prices have been steadily rising, making them still very attractive compared to similar properties in many other parts of the world. Therefore, today is a suitable time for anyone looking to buy apartments in Paphos.

The following article describes the key features of the real estate market in Paphos and typical apartment prices for the period.

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Key Features of the Paphos Real Estate Market:

  1. Property Types: Paphos offers a wide variety of property types, including apartments, private houses, and villas. Apartments are particularly sought after due to their lower prices and economic accessibility for both buyers and potential short- or long-term renters.
  2. Prices: Property prices in Paphos vary based on the location or neighborhood. Apartments located in central points or near the city’s points of interest, such as the beach and the old town, tend to be more expensive than those in private and more distant neighborhoods.
  3. Diversity: The range of apartments in Paphos is broad, catering to various needs. From small studio apartments for singles or couples to spacious and luxurious apartments or new and modern penthouses, the city offers a diverse selection. Many apartments are sold fully or partially furnished.
  4. Rental Market: The rental market in the city is vibrant and dynamic. Paphos, being a major tourist attraction, allows property owners to rent out their units for short periods at high prices. Platforms like “Airbnb” and “Booking” highlight the significant income potential for apartments in the city during the tourist season.
  5. Climate: Thanks to the wonderful climate of Cyprus in general, and Paphos in particular, the tourist season in the area lasts from April to October, and sometimes even into November.
  6. Taxes and Financing: An essential factor influencing the attractiveness of real estate transactions in Paphos is the regulation of tax conditions and financing for foreign investors in Cyprus. The country has established regulatory mechanisms to protect the rights of buyers and sellers, making Cyprus one of the convenient places in the world for real estate deals with foreign investors.
  7. Construction Boom: In recent years, Paphos has experienced tremendous real estate growth with the construction of new residential projects. The high demand for new properties often results in units being sold even before construction begins.

Apartment Prices in Paphos:

Just as the variety of apartments in the city is wide in terms of location, size, and condition, their price range allows for finding suitable options for different budgets.

  • Apartments on the beach and in the historic center of the city (Paphos Old Town) typically range around €1500-2000 per square meter and sometimes more.
  • Apartments in tourist quarters of the city, like Kato neighborhood, range around €1500-€2,500 per square meter.
  • Apartments in peripheral and more distant neighborhoods can be found at prices of €1200-1500 per square meter or even less.

It’s important to emphasize that the complexity of the property purchasing process in a foreign country requires close guidance from a reliable and experienced real estate agency familiar with local regulations, the real estate market in the desired area, and local tax and legal procedures.

If you’ve decided to search for an apartment in Paphos, “Keynote Assets,” a real estate company founded by Israelis specializing in Paphos properties and its surroundings, is here for you.

To date, we have assisted numerous Israelis and other foreign investors in finding the optimal real estate investment path in Cyprus, closely guiding them through successful transactions.

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